Be inspired at our Spring Open Weekend

Spring Inspiration on Trade Street

Spring time means lighter nights and warmer days. It’s the perfect time of year to start those home improvement projects you’ve been thinking about during the winter months. Perhaps you noticed a few more draughts through the old windows at home, the flaky wooden roofline needs sanding and painting again this year or the tired […]

Trade Windows Garage Conversion Design

Convert your garage to create a welcome for older relatives

  In the UK, more and more people are choosing to take care of their older relatives at home. That’s not surprising when you consider the benefits. Instead of the stress of travelling between properties or concerns about loneliness, moving your relatives into your home provides much more peace of mind. Understandably though, many people […]


How ClearShield cuts your window spring clean in half

As the sun starts to shine after the long winter, the great British tradition of the big spring clean begins. Before you start to prepare your home and your cleaning materials, you may want to hear about a clever upgrade for your windows that could change the way you look at spring cleaning forever. Can […]