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Skypod in Derby

  With autumn approaching, we still want to keep our homes bright and warm, and with a Skypod in Derby you can do this. A Skypod can be added to any flat roof extension or even your garage to add extra sunlight, warmth, and space. Perhaps you don’t get as much use your of your […]


How To Spot Problems With Your Roofline In Derby

  Replacing Your Roofline In Derby  Your home’s roofline plays a more important role in keeping your property looking great then you might think. Your fascias, soffits and guttering, when in top working condition, take care of your home’s appearance and can help to prevent problems with damp, staining and even issues with your foundation. […]


Customer Feedback August 2017

Over the last 24 years we’ve installed more than 40,000 installations for customers in the East Midlands. Whether it’s a conservatory, a houseful of windows, roofline, an aluminium door in a new kitchen extension, or a new bathroom window, we ask all our customers for feedback when we’ve finished installing at their homes. We read […]


Use your conservatory in Derby all year round

Don’t you just hate it when the sun comes out and your conservatory in Derby turns into an oven? It’s the time of year where you should be loving the extra space a conservatory can give you, but even with the windows and doors wide open you still can’t relax because it’s simply too hot. […]