Bring A Splash Of Colour To Your Home With A Composite Door In Derby

Have you been on your way home recently and noticed someone just up the road has had a fabulous looking new front door? The chances are that the new door they have had fitted is a composite door.

It has probably sparked your interest in replacing yours and who would blame you? Composite doors are currently one of the most popular trends in home improvement. This is because they have so much to offer for homeowners in terms of colour, style, hardware and low maintenance. You won’t even have to think about picking up a paint brush.

Composite doors are made from a mix of materials which all come together to make a door which is resistant to the effects of seasonal change and the glare of the sun. Composite doors won’t fade, warp or crack. They just look great.

Because of their colour and style options, there’s a composite door for everyone. Whether you live in a Victorian property near Derby city centre, a new build at City Point or in a rural cottage in Brailsford, there’s a composite door to suit your property. From the modern to the traditional there’s a range of styles to choose from. Check out our composite door styles blog to find out more.

Choice on colour is a really big benefit of composite doors. There is a large spectrum of colours to choose from on a Trade Windows composite door and we have plenty of them on show on Trade Street in our Home Improvement Centre off London Road.

Here are just some of the colours you can choose from on a Trade Windows composite door.

Anthracite Grey

Composite Doors in DerbyComposite Doors in Derby

Greys are a popular choice amongst homeowners. Many of the installations of composite doors we have completed have used grey shades. There are lots of different shades of grey too.

One of the reasons many people decide to go for a grey door is because greys look very modern and can really bring the entrance of your home up-to-date. Anthracite Grey pictured above is quite a dark grey and looks really great when contrasted with a lighter bricked or modern glazed home. There also much lighter shades of grey to go for.

So if you’re looking for a new entrance door that gives your property a modern edge, go for a grey.

Ruby Red
Composite Doors in DerbyComposite Doors in Derby

Red doors have always made a home look welcoming. When you see a home with a red door you get a friendly feel and with composite doors there are some lovely red shades.

The Elegance Arch style above is finished with an attractive Ruby Red. There is also Wine Red, Vermilion and Traffic Red in our selection to choose from.


Composite Doors in Derby Composite Doors in Derby

For a door colour which suggests simplicity and minimalist design on the inside of your home, a cream door provides a welcoming entrance to your home.

Cream is a neutral colour which doesn’t go out of fashion and provides a great lasting look as the entrance door to your property. If you’re in a period or traditional property, a cream stable door would really suit your home.

Duck Egg

Composite Doors in Derby Composite Doors in Derby

Duck Egg has been a popular choice for front doors for a few years now. It’s a very calm colour which works well with many designs. It was originally more commonly used as a paint colour to decorate the inside walls of the home but it has firmly established itself as a good choice for the exterior front door of the home.

Duck Egg really suits homes in the country so if you live in a rural Derbyshire area, you may want to think about going for a very friendly colour like Duck Egg.


Composite Doors in Derby Composite Doors in Derby


If you used to have a wooden front door and you like their traditional look, then combine the look with the practicality of a composite door. There are a few wood colours to choose from on a Trade Windows composite door including Golden Oak and Rosewood, pictured above.

A Rosewood composite door gives you the opportunity to achieve that traditional look you loved on your old front door but gives you a low maintenance, long-lasting front door. So give Rosewood a go.

If you’re interested in any of the colours above or would like to find out about the whole range of our colours we do, come to our Home Improvement Centre off London Road. You can find out about the colours inside and out, the hardware, door panel and frame options.