Equinox Conservatory Roofs For All Seasons

Conservatory roof

Whether replacing an existing polycarbonate or glass roof, or building a new conservatory, you want to be able to use your conservatory season after season, and a solid conservatory roof can help you do just that.

Choosing a solid conservatory roof is a fantastic way to help make your conservatory a comfortable environment in your home, whatever time of year it is.

Trade Windows in Derby recommends the Equinox tiled roof system from Eurocell. The roof system can turn any conservatory into another part of your home, removing the effects of seasonal change in your conservatory.

Here are our 5 top reasons why you should have an Equinox Conservatory fitted to your home.

Suited To Any Style Conservatory

One of the major design benefits of the Equinox tiled roof system is that it is compatible with any conservatory design. No matter what conservatory you have, whether it’s modern or traditional, Victorian, p-shaped, lean-to or Edwardian, the Equinox tiled conservatory roof can be designed to fit your conservatory.

The Equinox roof system can transform any space. Its tiled roof design also means it perfectly slots in with the look of the rest of your home, keeping the style you want.

Find the Right Temperature

Another great plus of having an Equinox tiled solid roof fitted to your conservatory is how it helps achieve the right temperature in your conservatory. Even during those colder winter months, heat can’t escape because the insulation in your conservatory keeps it inside, minimising heat loss and keeping you warmer. It even helps to reduce heating costs in your conservatory.

It also means during the Summer months when the sun is out and beaming down on your conservatory, the tiled roof system prevents your conservatory from heating up too much. So it doesn’t feel like you’re baking and you can relax in comfort.

Choice on Design, Inside and Out

The Equinox roof from Eurocell provides design options inside and out so you can achieve a conservatory design that suits your taste.

The tiled finish on the outside of the roof seamlessly fits in with the tiles on your existing roof to create a matching design across your property. The tiles can be finished in a number of different colours, you can choose any one of 11.

Greys are really popular at the moment for all different types of glazing options so if you have a grey roof, you may also want to match this with your conservatory roof. There’s charcoal, pewter grey and slate grey.

Or if you’d like to contrast, there’s antique red, brick red, burnt umber, moss green, plum and chestnut.

More Peace and Quiet

Thanks to the added insulation on the inside of the roof and the solid material of the tiles, an Equinox tiled conservatory roof cuts out much of the sound you can hear through older polycarbonate roofs.

With this added barrier to protect your ‘quiet’ space from external noises, you have more peace and quiet to help you relax. In fact it’s so peaceful you can watch your favourite film, read your book or practice meditation.

Just Change Your Roof

Even if you already have a conservatory, you can change to Equinox. Converting your conservatory roof can be a more cost-effective way of making the most of the space you already have.

Talk to Trade Windows

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