Trade Windows: What’s in a name?

Sometimes as a customer we come across a business or a brand where we wonder where their name came from. For some businesses, the name is designed to intrigue customers and make us want to find out more. Other companies have names that are simply a reflection of the service or products they provide, getting right to the point of what they do.

Trade Windows

Trade Windows Derby falls firmly into the latter. A permanent resident of Derby since 1993, Trade Windows is the region’s leading installer of PVCu windows, doors, conservatories, orangeries and rooflines.

The name is simple, it’s memorable, and it tells customers exactly what we are all about and that we’re in Derby. It lets people know that we are a home improvement company and that supplying windows is one of our specialities. ‘Windows’ is in the name because that’s where we began, but we knew that if someone is looking to upgrade, improve or change their windows, they are most likely looking to improve other parts of their home too, which is why we expanded to cover doors, conservatories, extensions and more.

As soon as a customer visits our website or comes into our Home Improvement Centre on London Road, they will see that we are all about improving the aesthetics and performance of any home. We have our very own Trade Street, a line of full sized houses with doors, windows and conservatories so customers can get a real idea of how our products will look in their home.

Trade Street, Trade Windows


Yet a name doesn’t only offer a hook for customers to find out more about its products or services, it holds the company’s identity and its reputation. This could include high-quality products, innovation, great customer service, trust – these are the kind of things people think of when they read a company name.

We work hard to put customers first so that when they read or hear the name Trade Windows, they think of quality products, excellent customer service and they trust us to do a great job when installing their window or door of choice. We make sure that customers come first right from their initial enquiry, through to after the product has been installed. This approach has been a huge success for us and has left us with thousands of happy customers since 1993.

We are registered as a Derbyshire Trusted Trader, which is a scheme run by Derbyshire County Council to help customers find traders that will do a good job at fair prices. We are also on the Buy with Confidence scheme and the Age UK Business Directory. These schemes reflect the identity behind our name and our passion for providing top-quality products that customers know they can trust.

We know the name of our business is potentially the most important piece of information we communicate to customers because of everything it stands for. We strive to make sure that everything we do makes customers think, ‘what a great company’ when they hear Trade Windows Derby.