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It’s time to… add colour

The exterior of your home plays a big part in the overall look and feel of it. The combination of colours on your home exterior sets the tone before you’ve even set foot inside. Whether you want to achieve a warm and welcoming vibe, or bright and busy, you can choose the perfect products for your home thanks to our wide range of standard and premium colours that you can select from when designing your windows and doors. With Trade Windows, you can have full confidence in our team to help you along the way.

Create a vibrant entrance

Our ever popular composite doors offer superior performance as well as stunning style. Choose from our premium and standard colours to create the entrance your home deserves. With so many options, you can match or complement your existing windows or brickwork so that you can create a bold or subtle statement to the front of your house. We offer emerald green to give a sense of luxury and even a citrine yellow to create the happiest entrance on your street! Have a look through all of our options and create a new, vibrant composite door which you can welcome family and friends with.

Our PVCu entrance doors provide a beautiful opening to your home, thanks to the endless design possibilities they offer, not forgetting they require little to no maintenance too. Popular colour choices for customers are white, rosewood, cream, Irish oak, light oak, grey, black ash and white ash, which wont fade or scratch thanks to the durable nature of PVCu.

Aluminium entrance doors provide your home with a grand, modern front door. They’re the perfect option for transforming either your traditional home or new build thanks to the bold design that complements all types of property. Choose your new aluminium entrance in any RAL colour to make a statement to the front of your home – that’s more than 2,000 colours to choose from!

Add extra interest to your windows

PVCu window

Your windows can match or complement your current door or brick work, or you could make a bold statement and go for green! You can also opt for a sleek, modern style with anthracite grey or black or go traditional with chartwell green and agate grey. The traditional style looks great with flush frames and adds the perfect finishing touch to 1930s homes in Derby.

Whatever window you choose from our range, which includes PVCu, timber alternative, aluminium, and Lumi frameless – you can choose from our huge colour selection. There’s so much design flexibility, giving you the freedom to add character to your home.

Frame your view with colour

aluminium bifold

If you’re lucky enough to have a balcony or garden with a view, our French doors can also be chosen in a wide range of colours, including sleek black ash and classic white. Adding colour to your French doors not only offers chic style, but frames your stunning view, highlighting the colours of nature in your garden or a beautiful evening sunset.

Our aluminium bi-fold and sliding doors can be selected in any RAL colour, including the popular anthracite grey, which gives the exterior of your home a modern statement. This way, you can make the most of your space by opening up your home and having the grey to complement the new open area, creating a sleek, ‘Grand Designs’ feel.

Add colour to your home with Trade Windows

Want to get started on your home improvement project today? Get in touch with us and we will be happy to discuss the endless possibilities for your property! Add colour to your home’s exterior with Trade Windows to make the most out of your home and reflect your vibe from the outside, in.

If you’re interested, get a quote today or pop into our showroom to see our products on display to get a feel for them before you choose the right windows and doors for you.


It’s time to… change your front door

One of the most prominent home improvements that you can make is to change your front door. A new front door can completely transform the look of your home aesthetically, as well as improving the quality, efficiency and security. The right front door can make a statement, reflecting the people inside it by creating a warm welcome. There are so many front door options here at Trade Windows, so we have outlined our ranges to help changing your front door easier. Whether you want to add character to your new build or complement your 1930s property, we have an option for you.

Composite doors

Replacement composite door

If your entrance is looking a little tired, it’s time to change your front door. Our composite doors are a popular choice in all types of Derbyshire homes, thanks to the combination of style, security, thermal efficiency and low maintenance qualities they offer. There’s also the option to have your door tailored specifically to your home so it suits all of your requirements. Choose from a selection of modern or traditional doors available in a range of colours, finishes including woodgrain effect, glazing, knockers and handles to put your own spin on your new composite door.

Aluminium entrance doors

replacement aluminium door

If you’re looking for more of a grand, modern entrance to replace your current door, then our aluminium entrance doors are the perfect choice for refurbishments or upgrading your property. The bold design will transform the look of your home and create an entrance for guests to remember. Changing your front door to aluminium gives you the opportunity to opt for fingerprint locking or key fob opening for a state-of-the-art locking system, ensuring your home is kept safe, secure and stylish.

PVCu entrance doors

After a low maintenance replacement? Our PVCu entrance doors require little upkeep, as well as offering endless design possibilities and impressive thermal insulation. They are scratch free, so they’re ideal for the busiest part of your house, as PVCu can withstand the hustle and bustle of everyday life without looking tired. Choose from our range of styles so that you can make an innovative change to the front of your home.

Add a splash of colour to your home with our PVCu entrance doors. You can even select a different colour for the interior and exterior so you can match the décor inside your home as well as the aesthetic of the outside. All coloured doors offer the exact same benefits as the standard doors, but replicate the look of a sleek painted entrance door.

Change your front door with Trade Windows

So, if your current door is looking a little worn out and tired after years of use and you want to give your home a freshen up, it’s time to change your front door! If you’re interested and want to find out more, you can pop into our showroom and have a look at our range of entrance doors on display and get a feel for them before you buy. Otherwise, if you’re ready to get the ball rolling and want to change your door now, request a quote and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can.

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It’s time to… add space

Everyone wants to add extra space into their home in one way or another. We either end up outgrowing our current living space, or want to give our home a refresh – in the easiest way possible. So, before you think about looking for a new house, it’s time to add space to your current home in a few simple, cost effective ways.


Conservatories are perfect for adding extra light and space into your home, whilst creating a place to escape after a days work. The beauty of adding a conservatory to your home is that you can choose from a number of different styles so you can have the right one for your property and adapt it to your needs. A conservatory can be converted into an extra dining room, living room, or if you love to host a party, why not have it as a dance floor!

Bi-fold doors


Open up your home to endless possibilities with our range of aluminium bi-fold doors that open up completely to seamlessly connect your indoor and outdoor living space with a large, glazed area. This way, if you love to host a garden party, you can easily nip in and out, so you don’t miss out on any of the fun! As well as adding an entire glazed wall creating heaps more space for you and the family, bi-fold doors let natural light flood your home to create the illusion of even more space and makes your living space feel fresh.

Aluminium sliding doors

If you’re looking to add more space to your kitchen or living area, our aluminium sliding doors effortlessly open up your home, offering a sleek, modern twist thanks to the wide glass panes and slim frames. They can be used in any style home, as you can make the most of the largest external wall you have. So, if you have a smaller sized house, adding sliding doors to your home will give you the appearance of more space and give you the chance to enjoy alfresco dining and barbeques in the summer.

Lumi frame-less windows

Frameless Lumi windows - new windows Derby

When adding space to your home, new windows might not have been your first thought. But with our Lumi frame-less style, that offer wall to wall glass, providing your home with a brighter, more open space and a contemporary, ‘Grand Designs’ feel – it’s definitely something to show off to your guests! Creating that bright, light-filled space will really transform the way a room feels, making your home feel bigger.

Choose Trade Windows to add space to your home

Feeling inspired? Don’t hesitate to get the ball rolling and add space to your home. Nip into our showroom to get a feel for our products in person and have a chat with one of our team. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01332 755551 or request a quote and we will be happy to answer any of your queries.


It’s time to… update your roofline

Most homeowners will replace their windows and doors when they start to look a little tired and old. The majority of those will overlook their roofline, a key part of your property’s external structure. Your guttering, fascias, soffits and cladding play a big part in acting as a barrier between your roof and the unpredictable British weather, as well as having a big impact on the way your home looks. So to make sure that your house is protected and looking fresh, it’s time to update your roofline.

Fascias and Soffits

PVCu fascias soffits Derby

Fascias and soffits play an integral role in protecting your roof, whilst giving your home its finishing touches. Fascias act as a shield on your roof to protect any weather damage, whilst the soffits shelter exposed parts of your roof to prevent rubbish or animals from getting through or stuck inside. If you don’t look after these properly, it can cause flooding and dampness if you’re not careful.

Rejuvenate your current roofline with our low maintenance, durable PVCu fascia and soffit products which are available to choose in a range of colours to complement the rest of your home. This way, you won’t have to paint your roofline every other year, as they are designed to be long lasting and won’t peel, crack, discolour or warp.

Trade-Flow Aluminium Guttering

Roofline from Trade Windows Derby

Your guttering is designed to divert water into drains without it coming into contact with your building. If you start to notice the water overflowing out of your guttering, it’s time to update it. Our Trade-flow aluminium guttering is a high performance, low maintenance solution. It takes more waterflow than standard guttering and can withstand torrential rain, making it harder for leaves or foliage to block your guttering. You can also choose to match your guttering with the rest of the exterior for your home, so you can create a seamless aesthetic.


Cladding is the outer layer of your home, used to improve the appearance, weather resistance and thermal insulation of a building. If you don’t look after your cladding properly, it is likely to be prone to peeling, cracking or warping, especially timber cladding. We offer replacement PVCu cladding to give the front of your home a new lease of life as it’s great for covering any brickwork you want covered. PVCu cladding requires little maintenance as once it’s installed, it wont need to be painted again or treated, saving you money and time.

Update your roofline with Trade Windows

If you think it’s time to update your roofline, get in touch with one of our team and we’ll be happy to help you. Alternatively, you can give us a call on 01332 755551 and one of the team can go through our entire roofline system of cladding, guttering, fascias and soffits with you to see what will work best.

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It’s time to… get ready for summer

Get ready for summer so you can enjoy the hot weather! With summertime around the corner, we’re all excitedly preparing for it after months of cold and wet weather. Everyone could do with some more sunshine in their lives – this year more than ever. You can enjoy the warmer weather from your own home with a string of gatherings, garden parties and barbecues welcoming the sun and celebrating the beautiful weather with friends and loved ones. If you’re hosting, you’re going to want to get your home summer ready. Here’s some ideas of how you can inject summer vibes throughout your home.

Bring the outside in


Perfect for helping you make the most out of your garden, our aluminium bifold doors are a sleek and stunning way to add light into your living space and open up your home to the outdoors. Easily nip in and out between the garden and your home thanks to the wide openings that bifolds offer because of the concertina style. With people less likely to be going abroad this year, transforming your property into your own holiday home is the perfect alternative. The more glass, less frame aesthetic of bifold doors creates a clean, fresh space which is perfect for the summer weather when open, and appreciating the garden views when closed.

French doors are another great way to make the most of your space and views. A popular choice, these chic doors are ideal for homes looking for a simple yet effective way to open up your living spaces.

Add extra space

If you’re going to be having more people round this summer, have a look at our conservatories. The beauty of a conservatory is that there are a number of different styles to choose from so that you can select one that is most suited to your home. With floor to ceiling glass, they create a feeling of more space and let floods of warm light in. Perfect for summertime, open all the windows and doors to let the outside in whilst you’re relaxing in the sun.

New windows

What better time than now to upgrade your windows and give your property a new lease of life this summer? Choose from our varied selection of windows that have been designed to suit any home, including our Lumi Frame-less windows – a dramatic and stylish window offering wall-to-wall glass to help let the sun beam through and light up your living space. Alternatively, you could opt for our tilt & turn windows which combine function with style. The clever design can open up your home for optimum ventilation and create a cool living space in the summer to escape from the heat.

Update your doors

Fully transform the exterior of your home and upgrade your door as well as your windows. Welcome your guests with a bright, traditional or modern door, whatever you like! The entrance to your home leaves a lasting impression, so why not go all out? We have a range of entrance door styles for you to choose from to complement the rest of your home, available in a range of colours. Are you brave enough to go bold and choose sunshine yellow or candyfloss pink to get your home ready for summer?

It’s time to get ready for summer with Trade Windows

Got that summer feeling? Get your home ready for summer with our huge range of home improvement products. Come and visit our showroom to see the transformation you could make to your home and get the ball rolling on your project. Call us on 01332 755551 and one of the team will be happy to have a chat with you.

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It’s time to… Spring clean

Spring forward this May and cleanse your home of all the traces of the cold winter months. As the days are getting longer, lighter and (sometimes) sunnier, why not set aside some time to give your home a new lease of life. Throw open your windows, let the fresh air in and get stuck in.

Whether your home is ready for a deep cleanse or you just want to give each room a little freshen up, it’s time to spring clean!

Living room

Even if you regularly tidy your living space, it deserves some extra attention with a thorough spring clean. The whole family enjoy this room so making it a fresh, clean space will make it all the better to watch TV and relax in! Start by letting the light in – an open space is always perfect for spring and summer after you’ve been working all day. Our Lumi Frame-less windows are an ideal option for this, as they are designed with more glass and less frame. Letting floods of light in, transforming your living space into an open plan and airy area to relax in.


Another room that the whole family enjoys is the kitchen. All the hustle and bustle of making, preparing and (more importantly) eating your delicious meals is bound to create a bit of mess, especially with spending more time in the house. You want your kitchen to be a clean space for you to cook, so get your washing up gloves on and get scrubbing! Let’s not forget to clean your windows too, all the suds of cleaning the dishes sometimes splashes up the windows, depending on where your sink is of course, and can leave watermarks. Giving your windows a wipe down will create an uninterrupted view, perfect for gazing out at the sun beaming down.

You could have a look into investing in a new back door for your kitchen, so you can nip in and out between your home and garden. Our PVCu patio doors are an ideal choice, thanks to the low maintenance nature of PVCu. They are durable and require little upkeep and will withstand the forever unpredictable British weather, as well as every day use of a busy family.


replacement solid roof

The perfect spot to relax in this spring will be your conservatory, an extra space in your home for you to enjoy the warmer weather. Throw open the doors, open all the windows and let the outside in whilst spring cleaning. If you find your conservatory getting too hot this time of year, it’s worth looking at investing in a replacement solid roof. Creating a comfortable space all year round, solid roofs help regulate the temperature and blocks out the glare, so you have the option to unwind in a cool environment.  Updating your roof will give your conservatory a new lease of life and will open up your home to endless possibilities – show off your spring cleaning and host a party!


Now is the perfect time to give your bathroom a freshen up. It’s perhaps the most important place to keep clean as the whole family uses it every day. Start by scrubbing the tiles, clearing out the medicine cupboard, washing your shower curtains and bathmats and don’t forget to check the windows. If you suffer from condensation, don’t worry, you’re not the only one! It’s a really common problem that has some simple fixes. It can cause damp patches which create mould, which no one wants in their house. Download our condensation guide for more helpful information on how to combat condensation. Making sure your bathroom is well ventilated and fitted with energy efficient windows such as our tilt & turn windows, will leave your bathroom as fresh as a daisy and free from mould.

The entrance

Now you’ve gone through all the rooms in your house, let’s not forget the entrance! Update your front door to give your home a new lease of life this spring. If you notice that your front door is looking a little tired, the colour has faded or the hardware has pitted, then have a look into investing in a new entrance. Our composite doors are low maintenance, so you don’t have to worry about the upkeep as much and it will last for many years to come.

With more people being able to visit your home, it’s the perfect chance to create a good first impression. Our wide range of entrance door options allows you to make an entrance to be proud of that reflects both your personality and home.

Freshen up your home with Trade Windows

If you’re interested in upgrading your windows, doors or conservatory this spring, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01332 755551 or come and visit our showroom where you can see our full range of products fully fitted and on display.

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It’s time to… check for condensation

At this time of year, all you want to do is escape the cold weather, come home and curl up in your warm, cosy home. However, the cold weather often comes with condensation – something none of us want appearing on our glazing. Don’t worry though! You’re not the only one suffering, it’s a really common problem. We want to help prevent condensation and give you a better understanding as to why this occurrence happens every time the winter catches up with us.

Internal and external condensation

If you notice external condensation on your windows, it means that they are working. It might be a bit of an eye sore, but you can be assured that your glazing is performing how it should be – keeping the warm air inside your home, so you’re kept cosy, and the cold air is kept out.

However, internal condensation isn’t so good. This means that the outside pane of glass isn’t protecting the internal pane from the cold, this means that any moisture in the air is precipitating on the inside pane and causing condensation. In extreme cases, this can drip down the window and puddle on your window cills. Download our condensation guide for more useful information.

What is condensation and what causes it in your home?


Your home is more susceptible to condensation in the colder, winter months as the air is cool outside whilst your house is warm inside. We love to keep our homes particularly warm and snug in the winter months by turning the heating up and keeping all the windows shut. Keeping the windows closed means that there is a lack of ventilation throughout your home and allows moisture to build up in the air as water vapour, which then condenses to water as it hits the cold glass surface of your glass windows and doors.

Your windows, conservatory or doors aren’t the cause of condensation. It’s down to your normal day to day activities. We’re constantly adding water vapour into the air, whether we’re cooking, cleaning, drying clothes, showering – or even breathing creates half a pint of water! The condensation that builds up can look unpleasant and block the view out of your windows, but it also can create mould and damp which damages your home. We don’t want this happening to you over these colder months so make sure you know all the tricks to help prevent and check for condensation.

Combatting condensation

Tilt and Turn windows

The best way to tackle condensation is to ensure your home is well ventilated and fitted with energy efficient windows.

We know the last thing you want in the colder months is to have a draught, but in cases like this, it can help. Opening your windows slightly, whilst keeping the heating on will help the air flow properly and reduce the water vapour in the air of that particular living space. Our PVCu tilt and turn windows are perfect for such thing, as they are designed for optimum ventilation. They allow you to keep the airflow in the winter without compromising the warmth of your cosy home. With effective draught proofing, you’re all set for the cold and wet months.

If condensation in your home is a regular occurrence in your household, it’s worth investing in some new windows. Advancements in window technology means our PVCu and aluminium windows offer excellent energy efficiency.

Trickle vents are also a good idea to combat condensation in your home as they help with the airflow. If there are rooms in your home that get more condensation than others, such as the bathroom, it could be worth purchasing a dehumidifier which will draw out the moisture in the air so that it doesn’t hit the glass on the windows and form condensation.

Choose Trade Windows

If you want more advice on your condensation or home improvements, call us on 01332 755551 or come and visit our showroom

Aluminium Sliding Doors

It’s time to… add light

Trade Windows want to make sure that you start the New Year right. 2020 was the most unpredictable and strange year for us all, so the New Year is the perfect time to add light into your home as it means we can all get ready for a much better summer.

Flooding your living space with extra light is also the key to brightening up the gloomy winter months and it will have a wonderful, positive impact on your happiness and wellbeing.

Your happiness is key

It’s really important to keep your home bright and ventilated. People generally spend most of their time indoors – especially now with the COVID restrictions in place. Introducing more natural light into your home benefits your skin, improves your sleep and helps with your body clock. As we’re staying home a lot more than we’re used to, our mood can be affected. Injecting daylight into your home will encourage growth, strengthen your immune system and regulate your mood – making you happier.

It’s also a great idea to add more natural light if you’re working from home, as this will reduce the need for artificial light which can lead to eye strain when combined with staring at a screen for too long.

Opening up your home

Aluminium Sliding Doors

One of the things you can do to ensure that both health and happiness levels within your home are the best they can be is create a wall of glass.

It’s worth looking into installing our bi-fold doors. This style of widespan door can drastically improve the amount of daylight and in your home. You can completely fold away the doors thanks to the concertina style, giving your home a more open feeling. The unbeatably slim sightlines give you less frame which means more glass, allowing sunlight to shine directly into your living space, creating a brighter home.

Sliding doors are another great option for letting more light in. The wide openings and lack of obstructing door panes or frames make them ideal for letting the winter sun flood in during the colder months and the rays of summer sunshine to beam inside.

Frame-less windows exclusive to Trade Windows

Lumi Windows

Lumi windows are designed with the frame placed inside the glass panes. This wall-to-wall glazing allows your home to be illuminated with light, implementing a brighter, more open space in your home.

Create your own sun with rooflights

Skypod rooflight

Skypod rooflights give you 365 days of sunlight, no matter what the weather is like outside. Transforming your living space all year round by allowing the natural light to shine directly down into your home makes for a lighter and fresher space to spend your time in. You can find our Skypod rooflights in our Derby showroom.

Adding both light and space in your home


We offer a wide range of conservatory styles and extensions that add extra space in your home – ideal if you need an office room as you work from home or home-school your children, or if you just need to make room to enjoy your space more as we spend more time indoors. They are designed to add extra light into your living space so that you feel like you’re improving your wellbeing at home as much as you can – both the extra light and extra space for home workouts will positively contribute to this.

Vitamin D boost

We need to make sure we’re getting enough sunlight and vitamin D. By implementing at least one of these ideas in your home you will notice a positive effect on you and your families physical and mental health. At Trade Windows we want to make sure that you start off the year right, our products we offer will not only improve your property but will help you out too.

Trade Windows can help you

Visit our showroom in Derby or give us a call, we’ll be happy to help you out with whatever your requirements are! Follow our socials too where we regularly update you on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

trade windows conservatory
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It’s time to refurbish your conservatory

If you have an older conservatory, you’ll know the problems that you face with them. They can sometimes look separate from the house, especially if you’ve updated your windows. Not to mention that it’s either freezing cold in the winter or too hot in the summer to even think about going into the room. If you’re facing these issues, it’s time to refurbish your conservatory.

New tech advancements in conservatory roofing

Space is more valuable than ever now, whether you need it to work from home, for the kid’s home schooling or to get away from the family and have some time to yourself. With new tech advancements in conservatory roofing, it makes your conservatory a much better place for studying, working or relaxing

Making a quiet space

Solid roof conservatory

If you’re fed up of hearing the rain crashing down onto your current conservatory roof, the perfect solution is to renovate and switch to a solid roof. This transforms it into a quiet, tranquil space making it the perfect place for you to concentrate if you’re working, working out, or to wind down after a long day as the ideal place for meditation/yoga.

Controlling the temperature

With a typical old conservatory there’s no in between when it comes to the temperature. It either feels like you’ve stepped into a sauna or like you’ve just opened the door into your fridge… it’s a pain to keep those temperatures under control. Refurbishing to a conservatory with a solid roof will make your life so much easier, it massively reduces heat loss from the roof there’ll be no need to wrap up at this time of year anymore in your own home!

Style upgrade

Tiled Roof Conservatory

Our tiled roof conservatories can also change the way you link your home to the conservatory by creating better flow within your home. In order to create that flow, you could look into getting our bifold doors that can fold either way in order to create more space and for your home to cascade from one room to another. Its great if you want to gain that extra living space.

The finishing touches

roof lights conservatory

Solid conservatory roofs are available in a range of colours, so you can complement the windows and doors in your home.

You can add extra light when renovating your conservatory with a solid roof, with roof lights across the ceiling so that you can create the right ambiance and tailor your space to make your home uniquely yours.

Our conservatories

If you don’t already have a conservatory, why not start from scratch? That way your space will be perfect from day one. Explore our website to see what design would suit your home best, along with one of our solid tiled roofs so that you’ll always have a quiet, warm space in the house to go to whenever you want, for whatever you want.

Call us on 01332 755551 for more info or nip to our showroom in Derby to see our conservatories in person. Have a look at our socials too! Our Facebook, Instagram and Twitter are filled with inspiration.


It’s time to replace your windows

We have lots of window styles that are designed for you and your home. It’s important to us that we cater to your every need to make your home uniquely yours. All of our windows are energy efficient and of high security. So, if you think your home is lacking character or think the security in your home needs improving… it’s time to replace your windows.

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